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Welcome to Rachel's, Seattle's best in bagels and burritos.

Like any good origin story, this one begins with an overstuffed refrigerator. We were a restaurant called Porkchop & Co., and over a seven-year run, we had grown into a local brunch hub.


At the time, weekends were a little nuts, at least up until that last one. When the stay-at-home order was announced in March 2020, our fridges were full of unsold leftover food from that final weekend of pre-COVID dining.

The next day we started slinging breakfast burritos and bagels just to stay solvent. Luis, one of our cooks, suggested burritos because of the eggs and potatoes on hand, and bagels because we had already been working on opening a bagel shop down the street (which was quickly 86’d because of the pandemic).


What started in a moment of desperation, quickly became our raison d’etre. There was no going back. By the next spring, we changed the name and started buying real baking equipment. 

While many things have changed with the new direction of the business, plenty remains the same. The place is still owned by Paul and Raquel, and most of the staff has stuck around too.  And even though our menu and business model have changed, our commitment to operating and serving food with integrity remains.

Rachel's Bagels & Burritos
A Manifesto

1. We believe that scratch cooking is about more than cooking. It's a scrappy way of being in the world.

2. Good food means more than dietary sustenance or culinary entertainment.

3. Our standard of success is a repeat visit. 
4. We can't avoid the violence inherent to eating, but that doesn't mean that our choices don't have consequences or that we shouldn't be compelled to make better ones. 
5. The experience of eating should be delicious, relaxed, pleasurable, and satisfying.
6. Profit is not the only motive. Value isn't only a category for big box stores. 
7. We do business with people, not commodities.
8. We work together with respect, and we aim to grow as people and as professionals while we're here. 
9. Our aesthetic: eager. Our élan: vital. Our temporality: everyday. 
10. They're bagels and burritos. Let's not be too serious.
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