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Current Menu

Housemade Bagels

Single  Everyday bagel                                         2.75

Single Daily Bagel                                                   3

6 Bagels                                                                    14

Baker’s Dozen                                                         25

Everyday Flavors

Everything, Za’atar, Sesame, Poppy, Togarashi, Plain

Daily Bagel Flavor $3
Monday: Bow Hill Blueberry
Wednesday: Dark Chocolate

Thursday: Oil Cured Black Olive
Friday: Stoup Spent Grain
Saturday & Sunday:
Cherry-Poppy, Jalapeno-Cheddar

Bagel with...

Plain  Cream Cheese    4        

Flavored  Cream Cheese   4.5-5.5

House Hummus   4.5

Add on...                  

Salted Cucumber      .50

Pickled Jalapeno       .50

Sumac Onions          .50 

Mama Lil's                 .50 

Capers                        .50

Everything Chile Crisp     .50

PNW Wild Lox            8


*Bagels are toasted by request only*

House Blend

Cream Cheeses (12oz)

Plain Cream Cheese                                    8

Tarragon Cream Cheese                             9

Scallion Cream Cheese                               9

Horseradish-Dill Cream Cheese               9

Harissa Cream Cheese                                9

Wild Lox  Cream Cheese                           10

Black Truffle Cream Cheese                     10

Huckleberry Cream Cheese                      10


Other Spreads

Kite Hill Vegan Cream Cheese                  8

House Hummus                                           8 

      Raspberry  Jam                                            8      

Bagel Sandwiches

Bagel with Avocado  (Open Faced)   12

Avocado, tahini sauce, maitake mushrooms

The Nick and Nora  (Open Faced)    9

Avocado, cream cheese, and house everything chile crisp

The Major Briggs   11

Scrambled egg, ham, and tarragon cream cheese

The Ezzard Charles   11

Scrambled egg, kale, mushroom, cheese

The Older Ben    12

House-roasted pork loin, avocado, hummus, cucumber, sumac onions


I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone    15

PNW wild salmon lox, cream cheese, capers, and salted cucumbers

Make it open faced with twice the salmon  +5

The Nino Art    15

PNW wild salmon lox, scallion cream cheese, pickled jalapeno, avocado, cilantro & onion

The Linus & Lucy    12   

Line-caught tuna salad, harissa cream cheese, kale caesar cucumbers

The Kathleen and Adam    12

Roasted delicata squash, Prosciutto, truffle cream cheese, spicy honey, arugula


Breakfast Burritos

All burritos contain scrambled eggs & potato

Add avocado     +2      Extra Side of Salsa       +.50

The Raquel   14

Chorizo, queso Oaxaca, arugula, cilantro & onion, guajillo salsa


The Thomas   14

Pork belly, kale, Mama Lil’s, tomatillo salsa


The Luis    14

Pastured chicken, grilled onion, arugula, guajillo chile salsa, queso Oaxaca

The Chris    14

Celery root 'al pastor', maitake mushrooms, arugula, queso Oaxaca  Add bacon +3

The Julia    10

Scrambled egg, potato, queso Oaxaca

Add bacon +3

Add maitake mushrooms +3


Buttermilk Biscuit     4

with Raspberry jam    6

with hot honey and butter    6

Biscuit Sandwiches

The McJoey  11

Scrambled egg, bacon, and cheese on a buttermilk biscuits

The Brandon     11

Scrambled egg, ham, cheddar, sumac onions, hot honey

But Wait, There's More!

The World Famous Pork Belly Hash (GF/DF)      16

Potatoes, pork belly, yams, chard, pears, and a slow-poached egg with tarragon salsa verde

Rachel's Scramble    14

Three scrambled eggs, garlic-roasted kale, maitake mushrooms, mama lil’s peppers, grilled onions, queso Oaxaca, and a housemade bagel.

Kale and Radicchio Caesar

Side     3

Large   6



Kuma Roasters Single Origin Coffees


Drip Coffee                                   3

Iced Coffee                                    4


Juice and Sodas

Orange Juice                                                         3

Topo Chico  Mineral  Water                              3

Spindrift Grapefruit Sparkling Water              3

Mexican Coke, Diet Coke                                   3 

Mimosa Kit   

     Traditional OJ       22

     Passionfruit           27


House Spicy Bloody Mary (1 qt)

Comes with everything  sprinkles for the rim    25

(Contains vodka)